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All seafood dishes are served with a salad; available as a lunch or dinner entrée.

Gamberi Marinara, or Fra Diavolo

Shrimp with marinara sauce or Fra Diavolo (spicy tomato sauce) and garlic, served over pasta…24

Tilapia Francese

Baked tilapia fillet with white wine and lemon sauce, served over spinach…23

Salmone Grilliato

Grilled salmon, eggplant and roasted peppers with balsamic vinegar sauce…25

Sogliola Ripena

Fillet of sole, stuffed with crabmeat and capers, with a white wine lemon sauce, served over spinach…24

Salmone Casalingo

Baked salmon fillet with garlic and capers with lemon sauce, served over spinach…24

Arogosta Capri

Fresh lobster tail with clams, olive oil, garlic and plum tomato sauce, served over linguine… Market Price

Shrimp and Scallops Verona

Onions, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes in a pink brandy sauce, served over rigatoni…27

Sautéed Scallops or Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp or scallops in a pink vodka sauce, served over pasta…24

Gamberi alla Scampi

Shrimp, garlic, olive oil with lemon sauce, served over pasta…23

Scallops Granite

Sea scallops with shallots, portobello mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes with brandy cream sauce, served over pasta…24

Calamari Marinara

Calamari with marinara sauce and garlic, served over pasta…22

Blackened Tilapia Fillet

In horseradish cream sauce, served over spinach…

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